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We are talking about prices actually paid or quoted, NOT catalog prices. While there are plenty of “transactional polling sites” – most of them simply scrape and compile publicly available information. The MetalMiner℠ Benchmark application is completely different. The MMB database contains millions of specific price points allowing for detailed analysis of your metal spend by type, grade, form, and size (e.g. 3003 H14 .050 x 48” x 120” sheets). The goal is simple: to promote price transparency in the marketplace and help you source materials more effectively.

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    Enter the price you are currently paying or have been quoted for a specific metal.

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    See how your price stacks up to the price being paid by other buyers.

    Step 3

    Identify alternative sources of supply and make informed sourcing decisions.

Safe, Secure & Completely Anonymous

    MetalMiner℠ Benchmark is a completely secure and anonymous way to compare industrial metal prices from North American suppliers.
    All data entered is validated for its accuracy and then only used for price comparisons. Your identity is NEVER shared with anyone.

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